CreateSymlinks (v1)

Creates symlinks to the input files in the job results directory. This is intended to be a helper module for creating scatter-gather pipelines. Note that this module is not supported on Windows.

Author: Marc-Danie Nazaire, Broad Institute


Algorithm Version:


This module creates symlinks to the input files in the output directory. This module is intended as a utility module to be used in scatter-gather pipelines which require that the files that need to be scattered are all in the same directory.


Name Description
input files * One or more input files

* - required

Input Files

  1. One or more files

Output Files

  1. Symlinks to all the input files in the job output directory

Platform Dependencies

Task Type:
Preprocess & Utilities

CPU Type:

Operating System:
Linux; Mac


Version Comments

Version Release Date Description
1 2014-07-17