GenePattern 1.4.0 Release Notes

Released June 1, 2005

New in release 1.4

Graphical Client

File Navigation Aids

  • Send To. You no longer need to click and drag files to input boxes. After selecting a module to run, right-click any file and choose Send To to send that file to the analysis.
  • Extended sorting. Sort files and results by name, type, or creation time.
  • Default application hooks. You can open a file with its default application.
  • Improved local saving Save job results directly to a project directory or local drive.
  • Navigate to file location. Go directly to a file's location in Explorer/Finder.
  • Module suggestion. Right-click on any file and choose Modules to see all modules that can accept that type of file.
  • History List. Selecting the History menu will show you all analyses and visualizers you have run. Select any choice in this list to re-run that analysis/visualizer.
  • Job handling
    • Clear all jobs. Clear all jobs in the results window by selecting Results->Delete All Jobs.
    • Terminate a running job by right-clicking on the analysis name in the Results window and choosing Terminate Job.
    • Complete job results. The job results you see will be those you have created in any environment (Web, programming, etc.), not only the Graphical Environment.
  • Parameter Descriptions. Users can either show or hide parameter descriptions.
  • View Code. For Java, MATLAB, or R programmers: right-click the name of an analysis in the Results window and choose View Code to view the code that will execute that analysis. You can cut and paste this into your development environment.
  • Server Operations
    • Switch servers without restart. Users can change which server their client is connected to without having to restart.
    • Delete jobs. Delete a job completely from the server.
    • Delete output files. Delete output files from the server.

Web Client

  • Recent results links. Links to results of recent analyses are available on the run task/pipeline pages.
  • Firewall configuration. GenePattern can be configured to install modules through an authenticating proxy.
  • User access control. Users can specify which other computers can connect to their GenePattern server and can set the server to run in single-user mode, prohibiting other users from connecting to a local GenePattern server.
  • Execution and Results History
    • Last executed modules are displayed at top of module lists.
    • Most recent results links are available on run task/pipeline pages.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The "Prompt when run" parameter works for pipelines.
    • The Web Client is compatible with Safari, Mozilla, Firefox on Macintosh.
    • User can run pipelines and tasks directly from the view pages.

Known Issues

  • Java Programming Language. Package structure has changed to org.genepattern.
  • WAR file installer. The GenePattern WAR file can be installed on a Tomcat or Jetty instance. BEA and Resin are currently not compatible.