GenePattern 3.6.1 Release Notes

Released July 1, 2013

GenePattern 3.6.1 contains several new features and fixes.

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New Features

Clarified sources of modules

For greater transparency, we have added source information for modules and pipelines on the Manage Modules, Job Submit, and Job Results pages. Icons and labels indicate whether a module or pipeline was installed from the GenePattern production repository, the GenePattern beta repository, the GPARC repository, created on the server, or uploaded as a .zip file. Read more about the different repositories and their quality levels in our User Guide.

Improved Install from Repository page

In GenePattern 3.6.1, the Install from Repository page has been revised for ease of use. A user installing a module or pipeline may now easily select their repository of choice from a drop-down menu. We are also introducing access to two repositories in addition to the GenePattern production repository: the GenePattern Beta repository, and the GPARC repository. Server administrators have the option to add a custom module repository to this list.

Improved GenePattern/GPARC integration

In addition to including the GPARC repository among the default repositories from which to install, the GenePattern Module Integrator now offers a path to easily publish modules to GPARC. Read more about the GenePattern/GPARC integration in our User Guide.


The 3.6.1 release fixes a few issues in GenePattern, including:

  • Some layout problems in certain browsers
  • Permissions errors when installing a pipeline or suite from .zip