GenePattern 1.4.1 Release Notes

Released June 1, 2005

New in release 1.4.1

This release contains the following enhancements to version 1.4 (see version 1.4 release notes):

Web Client


  • Server Admin Page
    • File Purge Settings. Specify how often GenePattern will purge files from the server.
    • Java Flag Settings. Specify the amount of memory to allocate when launching Java-based analysis modules.
  • A pipeline will displayed only once in the dropdown, regardless of the number of versions that are installed on the server.
  • Users cannot delete jobs owned by another user.


Graphical Client

  • Users can view the code of a module without having to run the module first.


Known Issues

  • The pipeline view page displays inherited files as null when they have been specified by file type and not by file position.